Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

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I did NOt celebrate 3 birthdays this weekend and eat a TON of bad food. Although it was YUMMY! I mean it was NOT yummy.

MY computer is definitely NOT hating my life again and working properly. It loves to act right!!

AND I did NOT spend over 100 trying to fix it and have it work. of course it worked properly after all that money.

Me and my boyfriend do NOT like to take pictures of ourselves using my phone! Who does that?? NOT US! :)

And my Co-worker certainly did NOT bring me this chocolatey pecany goodness this morning KNOWING I would like to lose weight. Nope she wouldn't do that to me!

Lastly I did NOT start reading yet ANOTHER addicting book and spend hours reading. Nope not me!!

Hope everyone joins in on the Not ME! Mondays!!!

<3 Sara

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