Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Looks like im hosting another party!! I am having a premier Jewelry Party on October 9th at 7pm at my Apartment in West Ashley. I am really excited! A guy at works wife is selling it so I wanted to have a party. I checked out the catalog and the jewelry is pretty nice and not that expensive either. I like cheaper good quality jewelry.

Oh and Kelly and I are hosting Keno at the apt in September. It has been So long since we even had Keno. I am very much looking forward to it, I haven't seen the girls since Angel's baby shower and not all of them were there. So I hope we have a good turnout. And Heather better come down from Columbia ;) hint hint heather! haha
It looks like we will be having quite a bit of people over in the coming months. We thought about also having a drop in like a apartment warming party. I didn't think people did that for apartments but A LOT of people have actually asked when we were doing it. So who knows!! Probably in September if we do have one. I have to buy a slip cover for the loveseat before anyone comes over to check out the place like that.

Happy Tuesday

<3 Sara

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Heather said...

I will see what I can do :-) I'm sure I'll be coming, just depends on how good the knee is! Do you know the exact date yet? You should probably email Angel and get her to email everybody else, soon :-) I will definitely come to your jewelry party too, can my sister come? Sounds like fun! Hope all is well