Sunday, August 16, 2009

Night Out

Last night I met up with my cousin Kimberly and went out for a much needed girls night. We met up at VooDoo Tiki Bar (went there last weekend) and had some appetizers and drinks. I drank a Mai Tai (sp?) which was amazing. I officially love this drink plus it was in a coconut which was more fun. Then we left there after 3 hours and went to see a movie The Ugly Truth.

I officially loved this movie it was so good. Everyone should go see this movie well mainly girls. It really was the UGLY truth!!!

Anyway today I will be chillen around and then later going to get my dog chase from my parents house because they are out of town for the week. Have a great Sunday!

<3 Sara


Nicole said...

I need to see that movie! I am so behind =D Have a great week!

{Jamie} said...

I loved it too...mainly b/c Gerard Butler is soooo hot!!!!

Sara Lynn said...

Oh yes he is definitely a hottie!!