Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Park with Lo

This afternoon after work I went to get my niece Lola. My sister has cellulitis (sp?) and she basically can't walk too well so I figured I would give them a little break and take her for awhile. Plus I wanted to go to the JICP *James Island County Park* My aunt Susan met us up there and we played but my God it was HOT. As you can see in the last picture im in jeans which was not a good idea but I did not plan to go there after work. I had a great time with her and after the park we went to Chik-Fil-A it was kids night. yum yum!!

btw I edited these pictures just a little bit. I really want photoshop though but the little editor thing on my computer was O.K. Once I win the lottery Ill buy more stuff that I want because right now its all about the I NEED.

Have a great evening!!

<3 Sara

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