Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ok so today was the day I went to give blood. I had previously posted about it! Anyways everything was pretty normal except the part where I almost PASSED OUT. So I was laying in the chair just waiting for her to tell me I was done and they have enough of my blood when BAM I felt SOOO sick. I asked if I could have some water and by the time she brought me back the water I told her I didn't feel so good. So she immediately got me a wet/cold rag for my head apparently I was PALE and some water. Let me just tell you I have NEVER felt like that EVER. To my knowledge I have never passed out in my whole life. SO weird its like I could feel myself passing out slowly ugh HORRIBLE feeling. And im sure you are probably thinking she will NEVER give blood again. Nope you are wrong my friend. I am definitely going to be a regular blood donor. I may just wait a little longer before I do it again instead of just 10 weeks! Oh and for some reason where the needle was is a LOT more noticable than it was the last time and a little more sore. Oh well! I guess ill have good experiences and bad ones! BUT I did get 2 free tickets to Patriots Point to the USS Yorktown AND a free chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A!! :)

<3 Sara

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