Monday, August 24, 2009

Desire part 2

This picture I took last August on Lake hartwell on an evening boat cruise. I had a GREAT time and I wish I could just get away for a weekend again. In fact I may just contact my cousin and see if that can be worked out. Who knows! Lately things have been stressful for me between my relationship with Seth and my relationship with one of my sisters, my job is going to change a little bit in the next month and just ugh I am stressed out. Not like MAJOR stress but I feel it and its affecting me. I have just been chillen out swimming every night which has become a MAJOR source of therapy for me. Last night I went swimming and was talking to God about something and I saw a shooting star thats my sign that things will be ok. I just have to get to that point of O.K. You know life changes so much I never thought a year ago this is where my life would be but hey thats life is a Journey as someone recently told me and I will have to just enjoy the ride. Or at least tolerate it! So theres a little bit of what I have been going through lately. Hope everyone is doing well.

<3 Sara

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