Sunday, August 9, 2009

Papas 90th etc

Well this weekend was another busy one full of birthdays! August has a ton of birthdays in our family. Saturday we celebrated Kainens 2nd birthday and my papas 90th birthday. Thats a HUGE milestone I only hope I can make it to 90!

Lola also got her first "pedicure" ok they really just painted her nails but she loved it. They even painted a flower on her big toes and thumbs it was really cute. I got the flowers on my big toes as well. I had a really great time with Shannon and Lola getting our nails done and going to Walmart. I then took Lola to Kainens birthday party for like an hour. She puked in the jump castle and I had to clean it up. EWE! Then we went to Papas party and partied with the old people. I felt out of place not having grey hair. haha jk! Although there was alot of old people my papa has the GREATEST time. I could tell! After the party a couple of us went to VooDoo Tiki bar in Avondale, it was SO neat. It had a very cool atmosphere and great music. We made SMORES at our table like literally roasted marshmallows. Definitely have never done that before especially at a table in a bar! They had really good wine and we all took a shot together which was fun. Definitely a great end to a great day!

Sunday we had a birthday lunch for my Aunt Theresa. We had fried shrimp ETC.

Anyway that was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you all had a great one!

Lola getting her first "pedicure"

Kainen jumping in the jump castle

Papas bday cake

The picture board mom and shannon made

My cousin Scott and his girlfriend Kate

The Sunset from the dock at mr.Als

The picture of the group from the dock

Gram, Me, Lola and Shannon

Me and Shannon

My family with our Papa

Scott and Lola after they spun around


VooDoo Tiki Bar

Lola chowing down on some corn. Just like her mom she LOVES corn. haha jK! Shannon HATES corn.

<3 Sara

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