Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend WrapUp

Well its Sunday night yet again which means ill go to bed and wake up to another lovely work week. Oh YAY! Actually my job isn't bad at all so I shouldn't be not excited. Anyways here is a bit about my weekend with a few pictures!

Friday after work I came back to my apt it was POURING so I was just hanging out. I ended up going to mom and dads and everyone was over there. We had YUMMY pizza and me and my sisters watched a movie. It was called Push with Dakota Fanning, Dont see this movie. IT SUCKED!

Saturday I did a good bit of cleaning in the apt then went out with Shannon and lola. We ended up having lunch at S&S Cafeteria then went to Payless (got 2 cute pairs of shoes) and to hancock fabrics. Then we went to Walmart. We got some like fuzzy warm fabric for Shannon to make me a blanket and CUTE fabric for lola to have dresses and me to have pillows. Shannon has alot of work to do unelss she already did it. She already made my blanket and I LOVE it!! *thanks shannon LOVE YOU* That night we went to mom and dads again and had good timing. Dad was almost home with Publix chicken so we hung out there for the rest of the evening. I love being home and spending QUALITY time with my family. When I lived there I spent alot of time just up in my bedroom now I spend time WITH my family. After I left there I did some browsing at Barnes and Noble. My co-worker Claudia has turned me practically into a bookworm. I LOVE to read now! I have read 5 books this month and im ALMOST done with another one. SO I picked up a new one! Then I came back to the apt and spent time with my roomie and a couple of her friends she had over.

Sunday *today* I woke up about 9 and headed to the beach with Angela <3 her! We were out there for 2 hours I think. The current was strong because of Danny so we didn't really swim. SO when I got back to my apartment I went to the pool to swim. I loved it out there but it was HOT! And I got some more quality reading time in. I should do that a couple more times before the pool closes for "winter". I watched a couple of lifetime movies this afternoon trying to get rid of a nasty headache I have had since about Friday. Then I had date night with my roomie! We went to walmart and came back and made cupcakes and watched a movie together. The cupcakes were AMAZING!!!

A couple of prayer requests: Kellys Arthritis, My family, my relationships, and my horrible headache.

I hope everyone has a spectacular week!

Here's Lola in front of the mini cooper! She thought it was pretty neat.

Here's a shot of the pier at Folly. Random picture from the beach today!

When I was reading at the pool this little guy decided to come join me! There are frogs EVERYWHERE at the apartment complex. There is one that lives outside of our door we don't mind. ONLY if he stays OUTSIDE.

The cupcakes I made tonight. Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream frosting. We got a box that only made 12 so that was enough for us. We both were bad though and had 2. GOT TO GET BACK TO THE GYM this week!! It's an endless battle!

<3 Sara

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