Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go Riverdoggies :)

Well today after work I again went and picked up little miss Lola! We went back to my parents house until it was time to leave to go to the Riverdogs game. We met up with seth, my aunts, grandmother, uncle, cousin and mr. David. We had a good time, didn't get to stay too long because I had to take Lola home and get home in a decent amount of time. I think she had a good time she got her face painted which was fun. She had hello kitty on her cheek. I had a picture of her getting her face painted but blogger wont let me add anymore pictures. LAME! Anyways below are some pictures from our evening. Have I mentioned that I love little Miss Lola? haha because she is one of my BFFS haha and my niece :) Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!

<3 Sara

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