Monday, August 4, 2014

Impulse battery visit

Sunday afternoon after dropping off Daves kiddos we realized we had a little bit of time before dinner with my fam. The weather had finally gotten less unpredictable so we decided to walk around downtown. I wanted to walk through marion square but there was zero parking. We headed to the end of King st to the Battery. 
My Jersey boy had been there before but he is like me we love walking around and getting to see how pretty downtown is. 
I did take him down his first alley in Charleston which led to my old school. I went to First Baptist from K-4 until 8th grade so it was a huge part of my life. I enjoyed getting to walk through the campus and show him the school. I showed him the room where I learned to tye my shoes the curtain was open so I got to look in too! It was a little blast from the past and such good memories flooded my head walking through there. 

While I am very glad I didn't stay there for high school I do still treasure all the memories made there. 

We kept walking and ended up back down meeting st to the battery. We passed the Calhoun mansion and I realized that is one house I have never toured. So we may do that one weekend especially since he has yet to tour any of the Charleston homes and it is a must do. 

Notice the flower, some boys were selling them and asked if I wanted one. I did but had no cash so I told him and he still gave me one, how sweet! I was glad to see other people buying them from the boys so I didn't feel so bad after that. 

It was such a peaceful and relaxing walk around then we headed to my house for a very yummy dinner with the fam! We had spaghetti and for dessert strawberry shortcake! 

<3 Sara

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