Thursday, August 21, 2014

Riverfront Park

So today Dave got his car back after a month because of his accident. He was thrilled and wanted to go for a drive so that we did. 
We ended up going to the North Charleston Riverfront Park which was actually one of the first places him and I ever went to outside of seeing eachother at work. So needless to say it means a little something to us. We had not been since that last time so it was nice to go. 

The park serves as a memorial as well so they had lots of neat statues, fountains and plaques to see. I of course took a picture of my sailor next to the sailor statue. 
Our time at the park was cut short thanks to being attacked by mosquitos. They were so horrible we ran to the car. My ankle did not appreciate the running. 
We drove around and saw some of the old Navy Shipyard buildings. It's amazing how big a piece of history they are. I can only imagine how neat it would have been back in the day. 

We got home in time to see the sun setting and it was so pretty. 

Tomorrow is friday woohoo!!! I am so ready for the weekend, no plans yet and I am ok with that. Although if the weather is nice on Sunday I may talk Dave into doing something like the USS Yorktown or Fort Sumter. We shall see :)

I saw this quote tonight and loved it. I thank God for all of lifes moments and always give him praise for blessing my life so much. 

<3 Sara

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