Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pool fun

My saturday morning started with some snuggle time with my Kodie boy! Then I was off to the gym for leg day! 
After the gym I went over to Sunrise park to calm down after my intense workout! It just so happened to be gorgeous out and felt amazing! 
Seriously so beautiful out there! 
I headed up to Daves later and we went to the pool. His old neighbor Jameson came over to hang out. Such a good kid so we enjoyed having him. 

Crazy kids! 

Dave and Jameson had a ton of fun in the pool. They kept wrestling and then checking the bottom of the pool for random stuff. They found a pair of contacts... Very random! 
Rockstar! Lol 
We spent a few hrs at the pool then came back to chill. They all layed down and watched a movie. They actually made that little setup themselves. 

After Jameson left we just chilled, had dinner then we all crashed. The sun wore us all out!! 

<3 Sara

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