Monday, January 31, 2011

Hodge Podge

I was looking through my phone last night and decided to do a random hodge podge blog with cell phone pictures. I picked out my favorite ones to post on here. When it comes to my cell phone that is normally where I take my random spur of the moment pictures. For some reason I find it so hard to get my camera out of my purse haha. Yes I admit that is just a tad bit lazy..

So here ya go...

Izzy playing with one of the bath foam letters she stole out of the bathroom.
Ok this stuff is absolutely AMAZING! It is a pre-workout drink you put a scoop in your water like 30 mins before you plan to work out. By the time you get to the gym or wherever it is you work out your body will seem "itchy" BUT that is normal lol. It makes your workouts way more intense you have drive, focus, ENERGY! I normally don't run but when I take this I have no choice but to run! haha It MAKES me run.
Me and my little Kodeman chilling on the couch this past weekend!
He was growling at me which apparently is "playing" since he is wagging his tale while sounding like he wants to eat me.
Random me at work! Without the earphones in my ear I would DIE at work.
Ooops meant to straighten this one up! BUT if you remember from my last post about Forever 21 this is the awesome shirt I bought in Dallas for less than $20. Its black and blue stripes and it falls very nicely. It is not a tight shirt by anymeans.
Random truck I took a picture of. I thought the color was awesome just don't mind the flat tires ;)
Ok this is one thing I LOVE about tax season. The dancing Statues of Liberty that are almost on every corner it seems. Some of them are lame but then some like this guy are AWESOME!! He waved at me like we had been best friends for life!
and lastly my AWESOME Ninja Turtles shirt!!! I got this at Rue 21 a couple of weeks ago for like $8 and I love it! It is definitely cheaply made but hey its a t-shirt so its whatever!!

Hope you enjoyed my RANDOM cell phone pictures! I wanted to post them so I don't lose them on my phone. The way my blackberry has been acting lately I wouldn't be surprised if one day it just dies. I hate that stupid phone.

<3 Sara

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