Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is it bad..

that I am already planning my 25th birthday....which happens to be 11 months away? I decided I wanted my 25th birthday to be a fun birthday. Since my bday is the very last day of the year it is hard to really be able to celebrate because everywhere is PACKED.

SO with that being said I have decided I want to take a cruise for my birthday. There is a 5 day cruise leaving from Charleston for like $300 which is NOT bad at all. Then there is a cruise leaving from Tampa I believe for about the same price. Oh decisions decisions....

I threw these guys in here just because I thought they were cute! I love penguins but I bet they are evil little guys! Maybe i'll go see some if I take a cruise to Alaska... in my dreams right?

random note... my dog is sleeping in my bed growling and crying.... I guess he is having a bad puppy dream! haha poor guy!

<3 Sara


Krystal said...

I just love cruises! If you end up leaving out of Tampa, let me know! That's where I live!

Nicole said...

Not bad at all! I just booked my first cruise & it is also in 11 months! But its a honeymoon and no where near $300! Lucky! =D