Friday, January 21, 2011

A girl

can dream right? While I am sitting here procrastinating finding drawings and standards for my customers I am dreaming of Hawaii. Yes Hawaii. Have I ever been there? Nope, sure have not. But would I like to? Heck yes!!

In my dream I am sitting on the beach with a strawberry Dacquri I spelt that wrong... anywho I would be doing this after a long fun day of zip lining through the forests. haha Yes I said it was a dream! Now if only I could win the lottery and be able to REALLY do all of this!

Seriously, How much fun does this look like?? It's one of those things on the bucket list I have yet to make. BUT if I did make one it would be on there.

YUMMMMM maybe add some more whipped cream on the top of this and I would be in heaven!

Anyways back to the real world. I am currently at work rather sick of it. My luck it happens to be Friday. The perfect day to be sick of work. Am I right? Yes! haha Love answering my own questions. This week has been a short week seeing as we had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day. But seems the weeks that are short are the LONGEST ever! It probably doesn't help that I have been ridiculously busy. I have covered the mailcenter for 3 days, covered the switchboard 2 days and I have covered the front office. Yes I have been doing multiple jobs in one day which is annoying. Considering they have NOTHING to do with eachother. Oh did I mention I have done MY job too?? haha ok sorry venting for a second.

Anywho, Kelly and I went out last night for a bit of a blow off some steam dinner. We went to a place called The Mustard Seed it's one of Sals places. I think you could google Dine with Sal and find the list of restaraunts. They are AWESOME! Then we went to one of our favorite places VooDoo. Just for one drink it was nice we ended up sitting there for 2 hours almost. Gosh just got interrupted by the most annoying customer EVER. I shouldn't say that! haha

Tonight I am going out with my BFF Angel to a new place called Crave. I hope it's good. I have heard great things about it. Soooo we shall see. I have to get in as many "dates" as possible with her. She will be moving to St. louis for her husbands new job. Not sure when they are leaving though. Sad times but I will definitely be visiting her often. She even mentioned going up to Chicago when I go to visit. :)

Well it's time to officially get back to work. Happy Friday everyone!


<3 Sara

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