Monday, December 8, 2014

Owl baby shower

Saturday afternoon I got to celebrate another baby coming to our family. In January my cousin Amanda is having a baby girl and a week or 2 later my sister will be having a boy. Yes that is TWO babies in the same month. I am pretty excited, who doesn't love babies?
The theme for her shower was all Owls. My cousin Kimberly and my aunt did such a great job. 
Two cakes, my friend Cece made them and she did awesome!! 

Anyone hungry? ;)

Me and the mommy to be, Amanda. She had a lot of people there to celebrate and she got a lot of great gifts. 

My aunt Susan and me :)

It was a fun shower but that and a bday party before it had me wiped out. I almost fell asleep on the couch. No wonder I got such good sleep saturday night. 

<3 Sara

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