Saturday, December 27, 2014

The rest of Christmas day

After we opened presents and got the living room back in order Dave wanted a pic of him and the kids. 
We took quite a few and this one turned out the best. The lighting in the room was not ideal for pictures but I edited it to look good. Then I had Dave take one of me just because. 
Oh and that mess just moved from the living room to their room. Haha Dave's OCD can't even look at this. That's one of his projects before they come back. Get rid of old toys for goodwill then organize all of this. 

We dropped the kids off around noon then headed to mom and dads for the rest of Christmas with my family. 
Lola and her nerf crossbow I think it was called. There was a lot of nerf gun action Christmas day. 
The tree with tons of presents! 
Isabelle and my cousin Kimberly, such a cute picture. 
Me and my Izzy! 
She got a princess dress along with a million other gifts. Lucky kids! :) 
Sisters! I love them! 
See... More nerf gun fights haha I think it was Dave, Lola, Matthew, Uncle David and maybe a few other players. 

Kimmy Marie and me! 
Belinda, Mommy, Susan, Isabelle and Shannon. I bribed Izzy to take the pic, I told her if she smiled I would open her doll clothes. :) she wanted that outfit opened so she quickly told everyone to smile haha
I forget what they were doing but I do remember it was funny!
Me and my boy! :)
The girls with their new American Girl dolls. This picture is too cute. 
David, Theresa, me and mommy! 
Some of the loot! My favorite was for sure the Chi but I did love all my gifts :) very lucky girl that's for sure! Some of that is Daves too! 
Teddy got a dinosaur and he loves it!!! He has played with it so much since we brought it home. 
Oh here's another one of my awesome gifts from mom and dad! A minnie mouse onesie! The feet are a little big but this thing is so warm and comfy I love it!! 

Christmas was as always a great day!! This was mine and Dave's first one together and definitely a first for having to be Santa. Being Santa puts a whole other stress on Christmas and makes it a bit more expensive. His mom bought some stuff though so that helped a bit. It was still fun even with a little added stress. 

I can't wait for next year because there will be two babies in the mix. They will both almost be a year old so it will be fun to watch them opening their gifts. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :)

<3 Sara

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Laura LeaMond said...

Your onesie made me think of The Christmas Story...cute!