Sunday, November 30, 2014

Family Bonfire

Saturday was an all around great day!! I slept in, worked out, showered, made some buffalo chicken dip (YUMMMM) then headed home to hang with the family for the Clemson/Carolina game!! Clemson won woooooohooooo!!! We were all quite happy in our house! 
We watched the game, ate some food and enjoyed eachothers company. After the game Dave changed my oil with dads help. Thankfully I didn't have to take it anywhere to get done. 

Dad mentioned building a fire so we all agreed smores was a must. Dave and I headed out to the store for all the fixins. 
We had such a good time with the fam. It's rare these days for us all to be together and I loved every second of it. 
My family is my everything. I wouldn't am in life without them! Love yall!! (A few read my blog :)) 

Dave enjoying some smores mmm mmm good! 
The dogs wanted some smores but sorry doggies no chocolate for you! 
Dave in my hoodie lol a little short on himb 
The dogs loved the warmth of the fire especially Kodie. This dog is always cold, been like that since day 1 of me having him. 
Saturday was just one of those good for the soul kind of days! :) 

Ended it with a nice shower to get the fire smell off me and some prison break. Obsessed with that show by the way!! 

<3 Sara

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