Monday, November 17, 2014

Blah blah blahhh

The title pretty much reflects my feelings for this past weekend. 
Thursday I woke up with cold symptoms. Friday I left work early because said cold symptoms were making me miserable. I went straight to Nason Medical to get some medicine. They tell me I have a UTI and a sinus infection and put me on an antibiotic. 

Saturday I felt like death most of the day. Oh and apparently antibiotics can make you stomach sick so basically it's like a stomach flu on top of everything else. Fun right? Not! 

So saturday night was my small groups cookout and I had hopes to go so in the morning I made a super yummy butterfinger cake. It smelled amazing!! 
Dave ended up talking me into trying the party to at least take the cake. Side note a piece of this cake is probably a million calories so we were not keeping it!! Anywho I went and lasted an hour, I felt aweful but did enjoy being there and chatting with my friends for that hour. Dave was right and it did feel good to get out the house. I know they all had so much fun so hopefully next time I can actually stay the whole time :) these ladies are so great and I really love getting to make new friends. 
The rest of the night looked like this. Like my new slippers Dave got me? So warm! Speaking of Dave I have to give him props he took such good care of me. Even went to walmart at 10pm for somethings I needed. Thats love people! Lol annnd he dealt with my whining! 

Sunday we watched tv most of the day then went to my house to hang out with my family. Even though I felt crappy I loved being with my family and getting a few cuddles from my Kodie boy! 

Today is another rest day but hopefully tomorrow I will be back to work and all better! I need to amp up my vitamin consumption apparently because my immune system sucks! 

Hope everyone has a great Monday! 

<3 Sara

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