Sunday, November 23, 2014

Festival of Lights

Saturday night we decided to use a gift certificate I won at work for the county park and go to the festival of lights. I figured this may be the last weekend that this way be the last saturday that won't be crazy busy! 
We were right! There was a decent amount of people but not too many to keep us from enjoying our time. 
We loved seeing all the lights the kids loved it and got super excited at some of the themes ie: dinosaur land and candy land. 

We got out and walked around through some of the trails. Then we rode the carousel since the train was all full. 

We also may have shared 2 funnel cakes YUMMM! 
We were there almost 2 hours then headed home for the night! It was definitely a good end to a very Christmasy day! I can't wait for Christmas!! One of my favorite days! 

<3 Sara

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