Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was such a good day! I must say I am beyond grateful for the life God has given me. I am thankful for my amazing family who loves me and supports me they are my rock and my foundation. I have a truly amazing boyfriend and feel so lucky to finally have such a good guy in my life and enjoy being with his kiddos and getting to know them and be an example for them. My friends rock!! Over the years some have come and gone but the ones that are still here are the best. They are so supportive and always there for me. And of course I am thankful for my health, my job and all the other things too lol too many to list. 
We started the morning watching the parade after we ate breakfast. 
He took the kids back to their moms then we headed to James Island for Thanksgiving dinner (lunch). 

Soooo much yummy food to eat I was stuffed!!! 
Mommy and her sistas! 

Mommy and me! 
Kimmy Marie. 
mommy, Theresa, me and Kimmy! 
Shannon, me and Amanda!

I didn't take as many pics as I normally would but I was busy enjoying my time. We stayed over there until about 4 then headed home to watch Football and I decorated for Christmas! I love having a Christmas tree it just makes me happy! 

I will post my Christmas decor another day! It's nothing crazy but I love it! 

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

I need those dvd holders! haha I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving :D