Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some fun and seeing Santa

Saturday was honestly the first day I have felt like myself again. Diagnosed last friday with a UTI and a sinus infection. 3 medicines later, 1 allergic reaction and about 8 days I feel human again! Can we just say that sucked!! 

Anywho we have the kids this weekend and always try to do fun stuff at some point so they aren't just cooped up in the apt all weekend. Plus if you know me I hate being cooped up too. 

So saturday we made plans with my sister and the girls. First stop was chik-fil-a for some lunch and playing. 

Then we headed to Toys r us for them to all pick our Christmas presents. They all got to pick something out and the adults survived (barely). Closer to Christmas you will not find me in that store. 
We parted ways with Shannon and the girls and we went over to the mall. The kids wanted to see Santa so we decided before the lines get too long this was the perfect weekend to do it. 

We walked right up, waited less than 5 minutes and got to see him. They took a really cute picture so we bought it. I think with me around with a camera constantly they are starting to get used to having their picture taken. 

We shopped a little bit then they played at the little playground and we headed
Home for a bit. More fun to come later that evening! 

<3 Sara

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