Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Birthday

Tonight we celebrated the birth of one of my best friends, Ashley! Her birthday is tomorrow but since it's memorial day they went for today. They had a great cookout and we had a blast. 

Tons of yummt food which I definitely ate way too much of. Her sister in law Jen made too many yummy snacks like monster cookie dough dip, OH MY GAH amazing!! Some things are just worth gaining weight for. 
We all played some corn hole which I suck at but still really enjoy and they had a jump castle for the kids. 
Alayna and I got to enjoy it for maybe 5 minutes with only us! Adults couldn't jump in it but we were allowed to sit in there so I still enjoyed it. It felt like sitting on a giant pillow. 

Ash I hope you had a wonderful party and I hope your birthday tomorrow is amazing!! I love our friendship and cherish it!! Love u Ash! 

<3 Sara


Nicole said...

I love her cookie cake! Happy Birthday to your friend :D

Anonymous said...

you're so sweet!!

I am so glad you guys came!! We all had so much fun!!

love you tons and i'm so blessed by your friendship!!