Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney Day 2

Day 2 of our Disney trip was dedicated to the Magic Kingdom. We got there pretty early and rode some rides, took some pictures, and stood in long long lines. Dave I think really liked this park but I am not sure if he loved the crowd so much. I know I was over the crowd after awhile and we ended up heading to the hotel for a bit to chill. 

 I loved the Ariel ride, it was so cute how they had it all colorful and decorated perfectly!

 So my friend Ashley and her family had been in Disney that whole week and we were hoping to get to meet up and we DID! It was so fun to get to see them and watch the Electric Light Parade with them. Jesse was so happy and adorable watching splash mountain from where we were standing.
 My boy needed some snacks, I love this picture! 

 How Magical does the castle look all lit up at night? I thought it was so pretty and the colors kept changing which was really neat. 
 These last 3 pictures got out of order but I had to add them because I liked them! Dave and I above being silly after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which I LOVE. One of my favorite rides for sure.

This picture is of our whole group! We tried to stay together a bit but got seperated some which was ok. We spent all thursday and friday morning together. Saturday at Epcot Dave and I did our own thing because Test Tracks wait was way too long so we did single rider in half the time.

After the parade that night we all got together to ride Thunder Mountain and it was SO much fun!!! I think this honestly may have been one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. The absolute best part was watching fireworks from the ride which honestly was magical. By the way the word magical was a HUGE part of our trip :) We kept saying stuff was magical especially Dave because up until our trip we kept telling him how magical it would be. So he kept making fun of us which was hilarious but a few times got annoying haha!

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