Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday started out with yummy breakfast and a trip to the gym! My whole body was already so sore from bootcamp so I really only did cardio and abs and a few other random machines. Love our blurry silly picture? haha 
 My sister came up to his apartment and joined us for some pool time. I have a feeling this will be an every weekend thing so I will try not to bore everyone with continuous pool pics. BUT If I do get over it haha I was glad to spend time with my sis too bad she didn't have my nieces they would have loved getting to swim. There are always a ton of kids at the pool so they would have had plenty of kids to play with.

 Dave doesn't care how cold the water is *its FREEZING* he will just jump in and keep doing it!

 While me and my sister enjoy the non frigid pool temps while getting some sun on the side

Here's to many many more pool weekends! I hope to have a decent tan by the end of the summer this year unlike last year. I however do not want to burn so sunscreen is a must at all times! Ain't nobody got time for skin cancer, amen?


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