Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweet friends

Last night Dave and I went over to Ashley and Mikes house for dinner and dessert. This was their first time meeting eachother and I would say it was a success! It is always a little nerve wracking when your people meet your boyfriend for the first time because you so badly want everyone to mesh well. Luckily we all had such a great time with some amazingly yummy food thanks to my friends and their cooking skills! Bbq chicken off the grill, legit mashed potatos, peas and to finish it off, hershey pie!!! Oh and lets not mention how many plates Dave ate ;) I don't know how he stays so skinny the way he eats! 
Dave and Jesse enjoyed some Toy Story 2 time :) I thought they looked cute with how into the movie they were. 

Next time we see my Newmans will actually be in Disney!! How cool to be there at the exact same time and same hotel! 

On a less happy note, look what was in my cubicle!!!! Oh heck no buddy!! Jimmie saved the day and killed that sucker!!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

<3 Sara

1 comment:

Ashley Newman said...

uhhhh i would have DIED over that spider!!!

LOVE the picture of Dave and Jess!! So sweet!! We loved meeting him and LOVE seeing you so happy!!

See you in Disney!! EEEKK!!