Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sunshine and lots of fun

This past weekend really was a GREAT weekend jam packed with fun. I already blogged Logans birthday party we had on Saturday night but the rest of the weekend has lots of blog worthy pics!
 So Friday night Dave and Logan went to a local rec centers first ever Nerf Wars event! To say Logan had fun would be an understatement. They had ABC News there and both boys were on TV which made Logan feel pretty darn special.
 Since the boys were doing their own thing I figured Alayna and I would order pizza and watch a movie or something. I was going to let her decide though since it was her night in my opinion.
 I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted Isabelle to spend the night. They haven't spent time together in awhile so I hopped on the phone and next thing we knew we were meeting up at Ihop for dinner and to get Izzy. We had dinner, came home, showered, painted nails then they played and watched a movie.
 Unfortunately for me I was in the fetal position sick from dinner, luckily it was JUST for the night because I was so worried it would ruin Logans party. It will be awhile before I eat at Ihop again!
 Saturday the kids played all morning then we met up for lunch at Chik-fil-a to drop off Izzy but have lunch with them first.
 We had to run some errands before heading home.

 I bought some flowers at Walmart so I wanted to get them in the ground before the party. Luckily I did this because I ended up not having time Sunday to do them.
 After the party Dave was moving around Xbox's and dropped one on his foot, OUCH!
 Alayna and I were watching the Kids baking challenge on Food Network before bed, I love this show!! Shortly after this picture she passed OUT and then moved on to her bed.
 Sunday morning we went to church then Hampton Park with my mom. Dave stayed home because his foot was so sore from dropping the xbox on it. That wasn't keeping us home lol


 It was such a beautiful day, I really enjoyed the park for the hour or so that we were there and I loved that mommy went with us. We got some lunch then headed to their house to hang out for a little bit.
 Alayna passed out on the couch so Logan took that opportunity to ride in the mini cooper without his little sister begging for her turn. He rubbed it in her face later too, gotta love it! haha
 Logan was loving this caterpillar in moms yard, he wanted to touch it SO bad but mom encouraged him to leave it alone. He listened.

 We got home and the kids played with Dave while I food prepped then we went grocery shopping and Logan spent some of his birthday cash.
We got back and Alayna was dying to go on a bike ride so I told her we could go. She wiped out at one point and I figured the ride was over but she brushed herself off and got right back on. I was shocked, she is starting to be a little more tough.
 After the kids headed back to their mom I got the tea set I brought home from my parents house all set up. It was my Mama's tea set and I finally have a house I can put it in. I actually love how it adds a little more character in that room. I just pray the kids don't mess with it. We shall see!
I loved our weekend and look forward to many more just like it!

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