Monday, March 6, 2017

Logans 9th Birthday (party)

  Saturday evening we celebrated Logan's 9th birthday. He turns 9 this Friday but he will be with his mom so we celebrated early with some family and friends.
 Logan and one of our favorite friends, Jesse boy!
One normal picture and one silly picture, are they not the cutest!
 Next year this guy will be in that picture too and Oliver if we can get them to stand there for a pic!
 Logan's awesome cookie cake! We had NO clue what it would look like when we picked it up. When we ordered it we just asked for a nerf gun theme, they did a really good job.

He wanted the entire nerf gun, I gave him most of it then he maybe ate half. MAYBE. Eyes were bigger than his stomach haha

 After we enjoyed our cake we did presents. The first one was his Xbox one, he was stoked!
  He got so spoiled, I hope Logan realizes how loved he is!
I truly love how my family and friends have opened their hearts to Logan and Alayna!
He already spent some of his birthday money but we encouraged him to only spend some and save the rest for another day. He bought a video game and a star wars nerf gun which was pretty awesome!

Grammy and Me!
We had SUCH a good time and Logan loved getting to play and have everyone over. We are so thankful for the people in our lives!
I pray constantly that I never lose sight of the importance of my people. Even just 5 minutes with someone should be cherished because tomorrow is not promised.


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