Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moments from last week

Last week was a super busy week to the point I wanted to start saying no to things but it wasn't stuff I could really say no to. I made it out safely haha
  Wednesday was a busy day at work and I went in to get my hair done. I always love the outcome but I am not really one that enjoys the process. Sitting for 2 hours just isn't my idea of a good time, anyone else? I am really liking the red, it was a bit vibrant at first but either it's faded or I am just used to it by now.
 Thursday night Logan's school had a presentation where each kid dressed up and memorized facts about an influential person. Logan was Nikola Tesla and he looked SO handsome especially with the mustache.

 Alayna and I walked around to other classrooms to see more presentations. The kids all did great but I have to say Logan seriously was one of the absolute bests and I am not just saying that because he is my step son. He legit did an AWESOME job! We were all so very proud of him!

 Dave and I were starving so we stopped at a new place for dinner. His chicken and waffles were pretty delicious and my entrĂ©e which was scallops and whatever it was underneath just wasn't all that amazing. I doubt we will be going back but hey at least we tried it. Plus it was pricey... no thanks! 
  Friday night we did absolutely NOTHING which was so needed! We really do have a lot going on the next few months, mostly fun stuff but still the fun stuff can wear your butt out too!

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