Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend was our first weekend in the new house with the kids. We got them early Friday because Alayna was sick and couldn't be at work with her mom. Sure is funny how as soon as we got home she was perfectly fine haha We spent the afternoon outside, them riding bikes and us doing stuff in the yard/cars/garage.

We added 2 chairs and a lovely yellow flower to our front yard which I absolutely love. I do plan once the spring comes to get some flowers in that front flower bed but for now it will stay with shrubs.
While the kids were playing out back we had a few injuries like a goose egg that turned into a black eye. Nothing like a good sword fight with your sister huh?
Story time and bed. Saturday we had soccer, boys got hair cuts, we played and did a little shopping. We also put up more pictures in the house. We are ALMOST done!!
 Sunday after church we went to Legare Farms to the pumpkin patch. It was hot, there were tons of people and the pumpkins were majorly picked over but we still enjoyed it. The kids said they loved it so that makes it worth it. Next year we may do Boone Hall, if I am going to deal with crowds we may as well go there.  

My little family, I love this picture. I normally hate to ask a stranger to take pictures for me but I am glad I did. Thank you kind stranger for the cute family photo.


 They rode horses...

Climbed trees...

 Saw lots of animals and fed some cows....

 Logan was the only one brave enough to feed the cows.... can you say SLOBBER!!!

 It really was quite beautiful out there.


I love this husband of mine!
We stopped by the pumpkin patch to get a big pumpkin but the ones they had were all messed up so we got 2 little ones which was fine. We wanted to carve a pumpkin though, maybe next year.

 It was a good weekend with the kids but I am SO ready for cooler days.
We are going to Carrowinds this weekend so that should be fun. I can't wait to see all the Halloween decorations and spend some time with Dave and Lola. Depending how Carrowinds goes we will be going to IKEA. Lots of fun to be had!!


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