Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Well as of October 17th sometime close to noon we became homeowners. This really has not set in yet honestly but I assume it will at some point. We have been busy trying to get the house all set up and are very thankful to my parents for their help! If they had not helped us lord only knows how things would look at this point.
 This was the Friday before the move, I had a full weekend of packing all our stuff in boxes.
Sunrise Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful while I was out walking Teddy.
Saturday afternoon we went to get the Uhaul which was massive. I thought for sure we wouldn't even come close to filling it. I was wrong.

See. Told you I was wrong. We had some family and our friend Mike help us pack this beast. It took about 2 hours if I remember correctly. Sad thing is, we didn't even put EVERYTHING in it. My car was full of valuable/fragile things, we also ended up Monday putting stuff in moms car and Daves car too. AND still made one more trip Tuesday. I can't even imagine how bad it would have been if I had not given a LOT of our stuff to Goodwill. In the last month I have probably gone to Goodwill at least 5 times and took a bunch of stuff each time.
After packing the Uhaul we took Mike over to see the house, ran by Lowes then had some yummy pizza at Pieology. We love this place, seriously addicted. In fact we ate there last night with Mike again but this time also with Ashley and the boys!

Our last night in the apartment, sleeping on the floor.

We had mom take this picture before closing because we knew we wouldn't have time or look good later. I was right!

I took off mon-wed and then worked until noon Thurs and Fri so we could get the house as together as possible before we got the kids on Friday. Again SO thankful for all the help we received, Dave and I truly are blessed!

We have been hanging pictures, trying to find homes for things, cleaning and trying to figure out sprinklers. I don't know why but when it comes to the sprinklers I am dumb. I try, Dad showed me, Dave showed me but yet I still have issues. I may water my neighbors yards too and the entire side of my house but gosh darnit my yard will get water on it.

Adventures in homeownership commencing.....


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