Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Spirit and yard work

 Last week at work they had a little throw back to high school and did spirit week. Monday was Halloween, Tuesday was PJ day, Wednesday camo day ( I didn't have any), Thursday was superhero day and Friday was team day ( I was out sick). It was fun even though the participation around here was seriously lacking! Kimberly and I enjoyed it! You should have seen her for camo day, why did I not take a picture!

 Dave and I started some yard work this past weekend. I took some before pictures and we are most certainly not to the after pictures yet but we have some progress to show. We got rid of the god awful pine straw, why do people like this stuff???? We replaced it with brown mulch which I think looks SO much nicer. As most projects go we didn't buy enough the first trip to Home Depot so we made a second trip, a third trip will happen this weekend. I am sure a fourth will be happening.... that seems to be the way this goes.



I even had some help planting my flowers on Saturday. I hope I end up with a green thumb but we shall see!


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