Monday, December 5, 2016

Tree decorating

I guess I forgot to finish my last weekends post, woops! After Matthews birthday party we came home, took baths, had dinner then finished off the evening with hot chocolate and a movie in the living room.

Sunday after church we went to my parents house to hang out for a little bit per our usual. I always want at least one afternoon on JI every weekend to hang out with my parents.

 We came home a little earlier than normal because Dave had homework but first he brought down all the Christmas stuff for me. I probably could carry it down the stairs but I guarantee there would be scratches on the walls.
Alayna said she wanted to help me decorate the tree, it was different having a kid help me this year but our tree turned out really good. I had to move a few ornaments that were on top of others but she really did a pretty good job.  

She was dying to put the star on top of the tree so I had Dave lift her up to put it on. It isn't the star we use but it was the only one she could put on. I actually will be using it though because I got another tree yesterday and I think it will work.
Finished product with the actual star we use.
I am SO ready for Christmas!

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