Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas/Housewarming party

Saturday night was our Christmas/Housewarming party and we had quite the turnout. I honestly don't know how many people were there, over 30 probably. We had lots of food, drinks, some photobooth props, and Christmas music playing. I am very thankful for everyone that was there and for mom helping me out SO much! She made some delicious ham and cheese sliders. My sister also brought some little weenies wrapped in bacon, heavenly. We were not lacking in the food department by any means. I only took a few pictures and snagged a couple my friend Melinda took. Enjoy!

Kiss under the mistletoe

Best friends forever! She is stuck with me haha

Mom bought this ugly sweater cookie kit for the kids and honestly I think the adults ended up doing most of them. I know Melinda and I did a couple, it was really cute and fun.

Isabelle with the sweetest baby, we love Isaac!

Once most people had left this is where I found Teddy. Poor guy was exhausted from all the partying!

Melinda braided Alaynas hair and then they played with snapchat filters!

We may do this again next year, we shall see, but we definitely had a blast this year!
Thanks again to everyone who came.
Oh and I got a few awesome gifts mostly of the alcohol variety, not mad at it! We love our people!

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