Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our early Christmas

Monday when I got home from work we all loaded up in the cars and headed to Red Lobster for dinner. His parents paid and I was thankful for that, when did that place become so expensive?? I was trying my best to find something I wanted to eat that was less than $20 but that was not easy. I ended up with a small steak, broccoli, brussell sprouts and lobster mac n cheese. This also ended up being my lunch the next day at work. Everyone enjoyed their meals and we had plenty of boxes to take home.
When we got home I organized all the gifts into piles so we could do our early Christmas. It amazed me how many gifts were left under the tree after we gave the kids all their gifts. I would say at like 75% of what was under the tree was for them.

 Nerf guns and remote control cars have taken over my house this week.

Grandma crying after opening the gift we got her, a framed family picture.

 Daddy opening the gifts they picked out for him at the exchange.  Logan got him an under Armour hoodie and Alayna got him an Eagles pillow.

The kids got a lot of gifts that night not to mention all the gifts they got from grandma and grandpa. Let's just say these kids are spoiled. Not only did they get these gifts grandma went out with Dave yesterday and bought them both new bikes.
Let's also mention they have yet to open gifts from most of my family. I hope they realize how loved and spoiled they are!

She now sleeps with the unicorn and it takes up pretty much her entire bed. I would say this was probably her favorite gift out of everything she got.

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