Thursday, August 3, 2017

Music Fest 2017


 This past weekend Joint Base Charleston hosted Music Fest 2017 and it was a BLAST!! It was also FREE! It was initially supposed to be outside at one of their large parks but due to the weather forecast they moved it into a giant hangar which was really cool. I think regardless of the weather if they do it again they should do it here because it was just more cool.
They had 4 bands 2 of which I don't remember the names of but we saw Thompson Square then 3 Doors Down which was the entire reason we even went! I saw them back in 2004 at Wavefest and they were just as awesome now as they were then.

 Photobooth fun  
 I got my face painted because a kid told me I should and it was free so why not!

My cousins came and one brought their friend and little girl and we all had a great time together!

 Trying to take a picture with Amanda and Dave kept photobombing haha

 The sun setting outside the hangar, I love this picture!
 3 Doors Down!!

We went near the stage for a few songs then hung out at the back singing, dancing and just playing! One of those light up sticks may have burst all over the floor too, maybe! haha
I really hope they do this again because I know everyone that went had a great time! They made everything either free or very affordable, can't beat that!

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