Thursday, July 27, 2017

The rest of the weekend

Thursday night after VBS ended we had Isabelle spend the night with us. We had a rough 30 mins right before bedtime but after a nice long prayer and hugs everything was good and it was time to sleep.

 Friday morning I made everyone pancakes for breakfast then the kids got in their bathing suits and we went to Riverfront Park to play in the fountains.


 After a quick snack and drying off we headed over to the base to show Isabelle Charlie the alligator. Unfortunately he wasn't out for us to see but some of his family was there to say hello!
 We said bye to the alligators, grabbed some lunch then headed home! Dave and I did yard work and the kids played hard.
 The jets that are constantly flying over our house!
 They destroyed Logans room but that's a good way to tell they had fun! This picture only shows a small portion of the room haha the closet and the area to the right were a mess! They cleaned it up though so all good!
Mom, Dad and Lola stopped by for a few which we enjoyed. They left right after Ashley grabbed the kids to head to NJ and then all of a sudden my house was INSANELY quiet! After a week with the kids it was weird to have my house so quiet. We won't see them again until the 9th of August... glad they get to spend the time in NJ but we definitely miss them!
The rest of our weekend was pretty chill.
 We worked out, ate yummy food like Phillys, did a little shopping and then hung out with the fam sunday night at Krystals.  

 My first time ever having a cannoli and it was delicious!!


 This weekend we are supposed to go to a concert on base but it also says 100% chance of rain so we shall see!
Happy Thursday!

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