Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Low Key

 Since the 4th things have been pretty low key around here which I am thankful for. I went back to work Wednesday through Friday while Dave stayed home and hung out with the kids.
 Wednesday night we went over to my sisters pool to play for an hour. I enjoyed my time playing with bubs.

whhhhhyyyyy are these pics so small?!?!?! This picture sizing issue is really on my nerves but I have no idea how to fix it so I guess I need to accept it sooner rather than later.

 Thursday night Dave worked on his car while me and the kids hung out. I also did something I said I would never do. For dinner we all had something different, I had tacos, Logan had pancakes (not frozen like I legit made them) and Alayna had pb&j with cut up apple slices. I must have been feeling extra nice that night to make so many different things haha
After dinner we did a few roman candles and sparklers we had left then bed time!
 Friday we were supposed to go to Whirlin Waters at 3 because they do half price tickets after that time. We were packed, dressed and in the car on our way there and the sky was BLACK.
 We still held out hope until we saw a ton of lightning and we knew it wasn't happening. Luckily my parents, sis, niece and nephew were close by playing so we changed clothes real quick and met up with them.  

 The kids got to play for almost 2 hours so they had a blast and were no longer really upset about not getting to go to the waterpark. We went to Wendys for dinner after we left there and then at 7 they went back to mommy. We get them back this Friday for another week too!

 Saturday night we had some crazy lightning with a full moon so I decided to try and capture some pictures.

We also got this new sign on Friday and hung it up on Sunday night after we got back from my parents house. I love it!!
I also need to stop watching fixer upper because I want to clear out my house and totally redecorate luckily I have no money so that's not an option. Maybe one day.....

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