Monday, July 24, 2017

VBS Week

 Last week was a BLAST there is no other word to describe it. I am pretty sure Logan said it was the best week of his life and he said it more than once. I am SO glad the kids were able to participate this year because they were SO bummed last year when they found out and couldn't go. After some chatting with their mom we made it happen! I will let the pictures speak for themselves (mostly).
Night 1

 I LOVE that these three were in a group together!


 Posing with the robot on stage after the end of the first night!

 Shannon and I helped out with the food throughout the week and maybe had a cupcake! haha
 Night 2
 Zombie walk practice HAHA or so Logan thought

 Dave served security for the week as well

 Night 3

 I know he is blurry but I swear this picture just sums up his experience :) pure joy
 So Wednesday (day 3) we had the WORST storm I have seen since Hurricane Matthew while on the way to VBS. We had hail hitting our windshield, 60 mph winds and torrential rain. It even caused issues on a bridge which caused MAJOR traffic Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.
 But after every storm comes a rainbow! We had the best ride home because the entire trip we saw the rainbow and not just a piece of it, the ENTIRE rainbow!!!

 Beautiful skies!

 Day 4 which was actually the last day for the kids because they left for NJ on Friday afternoon.
 Dave and I went on a date with the Newmans this night but I am thankful my sister took a few pictures since we didn't get to see all the fun ourselves.
 I love these people something fierce! And those tacos below YUMMMMMMMM

Dave and I went back for more Friday night for the closing party which was great! They had a petting zoo which was the only time I took any pictures!

 9 week old fawn, the cutest thing I have ever seen!
 After the party we headed home and we were wiped OUT! We had a lot of other fun last week that I will post about maybe tomorrow! Boating, cousin sleepover and a trip to riverfront park!

I hope and pray the kids get to attend next year and I think they would agree! Thankful for the opportunity our church provides these kids to have fun, learn about God and all be in a safe environment.


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