Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fun Weekend

A recap of my weekend, it only took me until Wednesday to get to it! I have no excuse except pure laziness! So here we go..
 This is actually from last Wednesday, I got my hair colored. The red will last only a few weeks then it will just be brown with the blonde.
 On Friday Dave finally got his new tires and rims put on. These rims have been in our garage for quite awhile so I am glad he finally got them put on. Normally the car stuff doesn't interest me at all but I do like these ones better than the old ones. He sold the old ones yesterday so finally there are no rims sitting in my garage.
  Mom gave me a bunch of clippings from her yard and they are looking amazing!! Once they all have a good root system going I will move them around to other areas but for now they stay where they are.  I love gardening and having pretty things all over my yard! Now if only my palm tree would look better we would be in business.
 Random picture of Logan from Friday night that I loved
Saturday after the gym we went to the exchange for me to buy a gift for Keno and I ended up buying this for myself and then one for my Keno gift. You know your gift is good when it gets stolen and mine was stolen a few times.
Alayna and I sent this selfie to the boys and they sent us this one back!

We had plans to meet our friends later Saturday afternoon to paint pottery. They ended up having too much fun on the beach which I cant blame them so we ended up going ahead and painting.
 I almost had a cheap step mom moment and wanted to go home but I knew they were excited so we went ahead and did it. This place was not cheap but it was fun. They were also PACKED so Dave and I didn't get to paint. I definitely want to go back with our friends and hopefully when it is not as busy. Ashley we need to figure out another day to go :)


 With their creations! We got them back yesterday and they look AWESOME!
Later that evening I headed over to Angels for Keno (Like Bingo) with the girls. I used to be part of the Keno group years ago and since she moved back she talked me into coming to this one. I had a great time and ate way too many yummy things. I am sure I will go again but not consistently.
While I was at Angels Dave and the kids had dinner then a movie night with popcorn! He said they had a lot of fun, it's important for him to have that time with just the kids.

 Angel, me, Julie and Susan! Fun fact, Julie and Susan photographed our entire wedding! I also met Julie and Angel through Keno years ago so it's cool that years later we are all still friends!

 Sunday we skipped church because we all stayed up late on Saturday night. We got dressed to run to the Commissary to get a few things since we couldn't go on Saturday. So we get there and there is a LuLaRoe trailer and of course I had to go check it out. Dave ended up buying me a dress which I love!!
 Dave also got me some beautiful flowers. I absolutely LOVE having a vase of flowers in my house! The flower obsession I have is real yall.  
  As per usual we went to my parents house on Sunday afternoon to hang out and have dinner with them. They had beaufort stew *YUM* and mom made two cobblers. I always love my time with my family! We are supposed to go with them out in the boat tomorrow and I am just praying the rain goes away because it will be so much fun!
We have had VBS this week and the kids are having a BLAST! I have pictures to post but I will wait for the end of the week and just make one big VBS post!
Happy HumpDay!

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