Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lake weekend Part 1

You guys.... we had the BEST weekend and I have a ton of pictures to show for it. I thought about just posting some of them but I really do love them ALL so this will just have to be broken down into a few different posts. Also longest sentence to ever grace my blog. Sorry English majors :)
SO We went to Lake Hartwell for the weekend!
Thursday after work I grabbed the kids from their mom and we hung outside from the time we got home (around 3) until probably almost 7. I cut the grass and the kids played with our neighbor.
 Sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, water gun fights and telling stinky boys to go away (yes that happened).
 Isabelle came over sometime right before we went inside and had a sleepover so she could ride up to the lake with us on Friday.
 It was a very busy morning and then it turned rainy so we headed out of town before the rain got worse.
 It's a 4 hour drive to the lake so we stopped in Columbia at the mall for lunch and to stretch our legs. There was a bit of a peanut meltdown but other than that we enjoyed our hour at the mall.
 When we got an hour out from the lake it was POURING like use your flashers driving snail speed on I-85 pouring. I assumed we would be stuck inside for the night but our prayers must have worked because 30 mins or so after arriving at the Lake house the sun came out!
 We all immediately put on our bathing suits and the fun started! 

 After dinner we all hopped in the boat for an evening ride. Uncle Chip took us into a cove so Dave and the kids could swim a little bit.  
 We got back to the dock just in time to see an incredibly beautiful sunset This was one thing I absolutely wanted to see while we were at the lake, a Lake Sunset. Wish granted and I couldn't have asked for a prettier sunset. So enjoy the many pictures I took :)

 We hung out on the porch after we all got in our jammies and waited for Shannon and Lola to arrive. Then it was bedtime around 10:30 or so...  
I was lucky and got this bed all to myself Friday night. I like to title this picture lake hair don't care as my Aunt Debbie had said earlier in the evening when my hair was a mess.
We were all SO happy that the forecast for a rainy evening was completely wrong. We had SO much fun and it was beautiful!
Saturday was even more fun and lots of pictures were taken!

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