Monday, June 26, 2017

Our weekend

This weekend was pretty much as chill as could be expected and I actually slept in. So when I say slept in that means past 6 haha I woke up around 8 on Saturday morning and 7:30 on Sunday. For me this is huge!
 Random picture I took in the gym, I kept it though because my arms are really starting to show some definition! I have been focusing more on heavier weights and I can definitely see a difference.
 So Friday night Dave and I did yard work. The grass needed to be cut terribly but it has been raining so much we haven't had a dry opportunity to do so. I helped Dave the last time we cut the grass and I didn't hate it so I actually helped him this time as well. It is a sweaty job for sure but actually satisfying. We do need a better lawn mower though because there may have a been a moment where I pushed my foot off the fence because I couldn't move the darn thing.
Saturday morning we worked out, went grocery shopping, chilled at home then went to see the new Transformers movie. It was a good movie but it was LONG and I truly hate movie theaters but Dave was dying to see it so we went. He sucked up a lot on Saturday because he knew I didn't really want to go. I prefer movies in the safety of my own home and yes I am probably paranoid but the news makes me nervous to go a lot of places anymore including movie theaters.
We came home cooked dinner (steaks on the grill :) ) then watched a few hours of fixer upper which makes me want to completely re-decorate my entire house. I just need some Joanna Gaines magic and money and I would be in business. I never understood the hype of the show but one random morning Dave and I both watched it and we both really liked it.
 Sunday morning we slept in, cleaned up the house a bit, headed to the gym for leg day. I worked out with Dave Saturday and Sunday and I am SORE. Most of the time we go to the gym together but do our own thing. I have started to randomly workout with him lately to just shake things up a bit and do that whole muscle confusion deal.  He pushes me and I can lift heavier because I have him there to support me so there are definitely benefits.

 After we cleaned ourselves up from being sweaty gym rats we headed to my sisters house. She started selling Monat so she had a Wine and Wash party. I actually really like all the product she used for my hair and in fact it even looks great today and all I did this morning was brush it.
 After the Monat Party we celebrated Lola turning 11 (on Wednesday). Shannon ordered the biggest pizza in the world HAHA We all stuffed our faces then had some cake so proceeded to stuff our faces even more!
  Birthday Girl!
Family picture before we had to leave!
Next weekend we are at the lake and right now the weather isn't looking great BUT I am praying it changes so we can enjoy some fun in the sun!!
Happy Monday friends!

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