Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekend Happenings

 I really don't understand why some of my pictures are small and some are normal size?? So weird to me.
Anywho last Thursday I woke up feeling rough (fluid in my ear AGAIN). I stayed home from work and luckily started to feel better after some Tylenol. I ended up later in the afternoon going to the pool with some of the fam and I enjoyed every sunny moment of it. Finally the pool wasn't ice cold so I was able to get in.

 I got home and we had quite the storm which was cool to watch from the front porch well up until the lightning got a bit scary.
So Dave calls me and says he will be home soon then asks me to come help him get his stuff out the car because he hurt his knee in the gym. So I of course go down to the garage when I hear his car and he says his stuff is on the passenger side. I open the door and I see some beautiful roses sitting there for me. It definitely was a nice surprise! I absolutely love getting flowers and having vases of them around the house. He's not perfect but he sure is a keeper!
 Friday afternoon we got the kids a little early then headed to the Newmans to hang out for the evening. Of course we always have fun when we get to hang out with them! Yummy food, good convo and even a little bit of Pokémon hunting. Logan is dying for Jesse to come over to teach him how to play the game.
Logan and Dave are both pretty obsessed with the Pokémon cards and have spent many hours at the dining room table playing. Father son bonding time and it's not an electronic so it's a win in my book.

 Saturday was a semi lazy day for us considering we normally are running around. We did go to the gym and got Logan a hair cut. Then we spent all afternoon just hanging at the house until we went to a house warming party. The kids helped me try a new recipe for Cookie Lasagna and it was a hit. Super simple recipe too.
Get chocolate chip cookies, dip them in milk and make a layer in whatever dish you desire to use. After the cookie layer you do a layer of whipped cream and add in some chocolate chips then do the cookie layer again etc until you run out of everything.
Ours was a small one since we were just testing the recipe so I had only two layers but it was perfect. The trick is to let it sit for as long as possible because the cookies get soft almost soggy and just makes it even tastier.
How have I not gained any weight lately?? My diet has been a little off.
 An afternoon storm Saturday while I was admiring my pretty flowers on the porch.

Sunday was Fathers day so we celebrated by going to church, Costco, arts and crafts followed by the sprinkler then hanging out at my parents later that afternoon.


Our weekend was pretty darn good even though we had some tough moments with the kids not listening or antagonizing each other.
This weekend I really want to just chill and then the next weekend we are off to the lake!
Lots of fun coming up and I have to keep reminding myself to just REST on those days we don't HAVE to go do stuff. One day I will listen to my own advice, maybe.

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