Friday, June 9, 2017

MB Part 2...
I woke up around 7:30 Friday morning and went to locate the gym once I realized everyone was still asleep. It was a rainy morning so it was perfect that the kids were not up early because they would have probably gone a little stir crazy.
When I got back from my workout Logan was awake and I was not feeling a nutrigrain bar for breakfast so we hopped in the car and found a McDonalds. Yup the workout was all for nothing haha but it is what it is. We got back, had breakfast, the sun came out (YAY), we all got dressed, snacks/water packed and headed to the first pool.  
 This was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip. This part had a pool, a lazy river then another pool area which was more of a play area that had buckets pouring water out every few seconds and a place they could swim through. It was awesome!
 I have no clue why some of the pictures are normal size and some are TINY.... I just don't understand but it is what it is.

 After the first pool we headed down to the beach to play for a bit. We wanted to rent the chairs but it was $35... next time we are bringing chairs! It was the one thing I didn't even consider bringing with us.

  The kids had a blast for the short time we were down there. The tide was coming in and little by little the beach was getting smaller and smaller. I should also mention there were a TON of people down there.
 After the beach we hit up another pool which I guess I was too busy enjoying it because I took zero pictures there!
  We headed back to the condo around 3, showered, relaxed a little then went to Broadway at the beach. We shopped, did the ropes course outside (the kids, kinda did this), went to WonderWorks, and had dinner.

 Lazer Tag! This wasn't near as fun as I hoped it would be but the kids enjoyed it.



 Alayna picked out her birthday gift from Nini and Papa, a mermaid fin. She tried it out when we got back to the condo. I know she is looking forward to more pool trips to use it.
The kids were exhausted so we had them go to bed at normal time, 8:30 then we watched some Bloodline on Netflix and crashed.
 I woke up early Saturday morning and headed out for a walk. I didn't initially plan to walk on the beach but ended up there. It was beautiful!
When I got back we had breakfast, packed and headed home. We had lots of fun the rest of the weekend too minus the trip to Urgent care.
We definitely had a blast and will make next years trip at least another day if not 2 more days. I could have used another few rounds on the lazy river and relaxing by the pool.
This was also kind of a test for me since I had never traveled with the kids. Besides them being bored in the car it really was a perfect getaway. I don't think I am quite ready for a trip to NJ with them (Hello 12 hours in the car) but we have another weekend trip already planned this month we are looking forward to.

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