Monday, June 12, 2017

The fun continued

After we got home from the beach we unpacked, Logan and I went grocery shopping, had lunch then Dave set up the Slip-N-Slide.
Alayna talked Aunt Theresa into buying this for her birthday a few weeks ago but since she had jacked her knees all up that same day this was our first time getting to use them. By the way we have now nicknamed her scabbers because this girl has a new cut/scab/bruise on the daily it seems. She actually likes it and it is kinda cute.
  We had to move it around the yard a good 4 times before finding a good spot but we found it. The perfect spot even allowed for us to open the gate so they could get a nice running start from the front yard.

 They had a good hours worth of fun before we turned it off. I would love to get a small pool but the inflatable ones will kill the grass and I don't have the money yet for a real pool. Maybe one day! 

 After we cleaned up and chilled for a bit we went over to our friends house to have dinner and play. Angel even had a craft set up, making slime!

 Heart shaped slime :)
The boys played some corn hole before dinner.
 Our view leaving their house which unfortunately was a little earlier than we planned. Dave had worked on his car earlier before we went to our friends house and he had got something in his eye. Well after trying anything we could he finally called the afterhours number and they told him to go to urgent care. So we headed there and thank God for my sister Krystal, she came and grabbed the kids and I stayed with Dave. We were there almost 2 hours and when we got home the kids were passed out so it was a good thing she got them.
So basically he had a small piece of plastic up under his top eyelid and it took them numbing his eye to get it out. It was super small but he said the pain was high. The doctor said it wouldn't have just worked itself out of his eye so it was a good thing we didn't wait because he would have been just miserable.
 This was after they made the pain go away, smiles all around!
(Random picture of the sky Monday morning when I got back from doing blood work.)
Sunday we went to church, came home and hung out then headed to my parents house for dinner and hanging out. The kids actually ended up coming back to the house with us so we took a quick bike ride before their mom got there to pick them up!
It was a GREAT weekend and I am so thankful for opportunities for fun with family and friends!

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