Friday, June 9, 2017

Myrtle Beach Trip Part 1

I am breaking our mini vaca up into two posts just because there are quite a few pictures to make it one large post.
Last Thursday we headed to Myrtle Beach for 2 nights to celebrate Alayna turning 7 but to also just have a mini vaca with the kids.
 I should note this was my very first trip with the kids and honestly it was fine. I also think this was mainly because we had a condo and didn't all share one hotel room. I really couldn't have planned that out better and this will be what I look for regarding all future trips with them. Having that much space just allowed for them to have their own room and just gave us all space which of course is always an issue with one hotel room.
 We got to the resort just before 7 and checked in. The kids saw this pirate cut out and asked for a pic.
We stayed at the Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations which are basically just a ton of privately owned condos that they rent out. The price was great although we did book through Hotwire so that may be why we got such a good deal.
 We got all of our stuff into the condo, checked it out, they changed into bathing suits and we headed to dinner on the property. They had Karaoke, yummy food, a pretty sunset and it was right by the beach.

 After dinner we walked down to the beach and these three played for awhile.

 After the beach we headed to the pool and I got this cute picture of our now 7 year old! She has grown up SO much since I first came around which was when she was 3 turning 4. She is an absolute mess but I love her so much and her brother!
After the pool we headed to the hot tub right out our back door. I loved it but the kids couldn't even put their feet in even though they wanted to SO badly. I don't know why they were so entertained by the thought of getting in the hot tub but it just didn't happen. So I let them swim a little bit in the pool right next to it then we headed to the condo for PJs and bedtime.
 The lighting is horrible but these are the pictures I took of our condo. It was really nice, we all want to go back again! Full kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms with the pool and hot tub literally right off the porch.
 Snuggled up ready for bed!
Initially I told Dave we were in no rush to get there Thursday night but I am SO glad I pushed us leaving at 4:30 because we got there with plenty of time to play! We had a GREAT night!

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