Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Randoms

Ya'll work is insanely boring today.... the temptation to put in a leave request has been real but I am going to suffer through. I have less than 2 hours so I should be able to survive, right?
So here is a bunch of random pictures from my phone over the last week.
 Last Thursday after work my cousin and I met up at The DIG for drinks and apps to celebrate surviving 2 tedious classes we had taken at work. One was appropriation law.... oh yeah it was as exciting as it sounds. She was running a little later than me so I stopped in at the Pink Crocodile and picked up this super cute top. I LOVE this store and they have great prices considering they are a boutique.
 Teddy being cute on Saturday.
 Sunday afternoon our church did Baptisms and BBQ out on Folly so we headed out to have some fun.

 Mr. Ricky and Daddy, the grill masters.

 We had a decent time out there and the weather was beautiful. I will say though I was really disappointed that I was the only one who had a homemade dessert. Gone are the days I guess where people cared and took the time to actually BAKE something. I get sometimes it really is just easier but homemade is so much tastier and you don't have to make something complicated. I will stop before I really get on my soapbox about this one.  

 The sunset Sunday was just absolutely beautiful!
 I took this picture on Tuesday when I caught a glimpse of myself leaving the bathroom. Some would say I am full of myself for taking pictures like this but honestly it is far from the truth. I struggle a lot with my mental state in regards to my body.
This picture is huge for me because I looked in the mirror and felt happy about what I saw staring back at me. I have worked hard for this body and I am proud of it I just wish I was more confident a majority of the time. A constant work in progress for sure but I am FAR from where I used to be and for that I smile.  
 Then I ate this for dinner HAHA we went downtown to Kaminskys to celebrate mommies birthday!! I got the carrot cake with ice cream and it was great but I will definitely just stick to my toll house cookie pie, it's a classic.
AMERICA! (no other caption needed)
Thanks for reading my super random blog post :)
Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend!!

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