Friday, July 7, 2017

4th of July

Tuesday was my last day of my 5 days off which also happened to be the 4th of July. We had made plans with our friends a few weeks back to hang out with them and keep it low key. After seeing so many things in the news festivals/large crowds now make me super nervous so I knew we were not going to attend any of those. We hung out at home until 2:30 then headed over to the Packs.
 We went to the pool for about an hour which was a lot of fun. The pool isn't quite bath water yet so it was still refreshing. Give it another week and it may be a different story.

 We got back to their house, everyone changed and we just hung out.
After dinner the kids played with toys outside and the adults played corn hole one of our favorites.

 It started to get darker outside so we brought out the sparklers and roman candles. We had planned only to do those for the evening and luckily we didn't spend more money than that. There were a few families in their culdesac that put a bunch of money together and bought $1k worth of fireworks so needless to say we had a spectacular show that night.


 These two were inseparable and had a blast playing together all night.


 There is a good chance this is where you can find us next year for the 4th! You can't beat an amazing firework show that involves zero crowds.

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