Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lake Weekend Part 2

 Saturday morning started early like 6:30 because Dave woke up early so of course that meant I woke up early. We sat on the porch for a bit then walked down to the dock with Uncle Chip for him to feed the fish. We walked back up and everyone had breakfast then got ready for a full day on the water.
 Everyone loved Zebo
  The kids went tubing the first time ever and for the most part they liked it although got scared a few times.

 Lots of floating/swimming

  Scott went Skiing once they arrived



Besides going up to the house for lunch for a good hour we spent most of the day outside.
 Until a storm came in for an hour or so but it was already late so we all stayed in and hung out on the porch until we went to sleep.
Some of my pictures are a little out of order since I saved some when Shannon and Aunt Debbie sent them to me.
Saturday was the best besides a little kid drama at the end where someone went to bed early.

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