Monday, April 12, 2010


I can't believe its already Monday AGAIN! I swear the weekends go by just way too quickly. Especially the good ones, I hate it. Anywho! Heres a bit of what I did this weekend. Friday, I went to Happy Hour and to the mall with Norrissia and her friend whom I forgot her name... thats pretty bad. I think it was Victoria.. anyways didn't buy anything and the drinks were HORRIBLE. Never going to Centre Pointe ever again. Saturday I woke up REAL early and went with my mommy, Aunts, and grandmother to the Florence Flowertown Festival. It was actually really nice except the weather was a bit chilly. I mainly went along for the ride seeing as how I live in an apartment meaning no flowers needed for me. I took the pictures below and all I can say for the first one... ONLY in the south. haha Saturday night I went to Norrissia's house for a little BBQ which was nice! Kodie loves going over there to play with the dogs.

Sunday was nice I slept in which means im a slacker who didn't go to church! haha Then Kodie and I cuddled for quite awhile before I finally went to visit the fam. I ended up chatting and sunning with my sister in the driveway. I was excited to see that my arms got a little bit of sun on them. Im trying to catch up with someone who is already freaking tan! I'm jealous!!! But I am not going to lay out until its much hotter outside. And I FINALLY got a pedicure!! I have needed one for a couple of weeks now since im wearing sandals all the time. Not much else really went on for the weekend but I had a great time! Ready for the warmer weather and HOPEFULLY more boat rides this summer. HINT HINT DAD!!!! :)

Happy Monday!

<3 Sara

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